In addition to the Students’ and Nurses + Doctors’ Programs, the Studenkolleg ETALL also offers so-called technical programs (technical professions), which are listed below :

  1. Mechanic of Heat Cooling Shower System
  2. Bakery and pastry shop
  3. Driving of civil engineering machines
  4. Mining machine operator
  5. Driver of Semi-trailers and other heavy duty buses
  6. Mortician and Funeral Ceremony
  7. Technician Civil Engineering Concrete and Reinforced Concrete
  8. Technician Laying of Civil Engineering Floors
  9. Bookseller
  10. Laboratory Chemist
  11. Chemist
  12. Conventional Pharmacy
  13. Railwayman in Company
  14. Technician in Electronic Conduction Circuits
  15. Automatic Electronics
    Company Electronics
  16. Technician
  17. Screed Cutter, Floor Grouting
  18. Technician Indormatic
  19. Technician in Sewage Disposal
  20. Fruit Juice Technician
    Port and Customs Logistics
  21. Wood and Protection Technician
  22. Express Mail and Transport Service
    Logistics Technician
  23. Consumer Food Technician
  24. Metal Construction Technician
  25. Street and Traffic Technician
  26. Catering Service
  27. Water Supply Technician
  28. Hotel and Residence Technician
  29. Salesman of Food Products
  30. Car Painter
  31. Butcher’s Shop
  32. Tile and Mosaic Technician
  33. Geomatician Computer Geography
  34. Scaffolding Construction Technician
  35. Technician in Foundry, Welding
  36. Technician in Glass and Mirrors
  37. Skyscraper Builder
  38. Wood Carpenter
  39. Hotel