Introduction to computer use

It is difficult today to do anything without the help of the computer. Cameroonian students have difficulties in the multi-form, fast and consistent manipulation of the computer tool. The computer initiation course provides the basis for the use of software and Office Automation, the Internet and several other small applications under the Windows and Linux operating systems.
In the specific case of the program PREPA Germany the weekly computer program is 3h and is common to all channels. The preparatory class end examination will have a practical part which is a prerequisite for composing for the theoretical part.


  • Discover hardware and the it environment on both Windows and Linux
  • Introducing basic computer concepts
  • Acquire the basic level of computer use in Office Automation
  • Know how to use the explorers of operating systems
  • “Typing blindfolded-blindfolded” 10 finger Tippen – blind Tippen on German keyboard (Chinese do it wonderfully!!!)
  • Search, find and use information on the Internet
  • Multi-form use of electronic mail (send, CC, Bcc, transfer, attach documents…)

Basic knowledge

  • Introduction of computer use: through Windows operating systems and/or Linux (screen, various menus, Windows Explorer/Nautilus, file system, installation and program management)
  • Introduction to Internet use: email, files attachments images or PDF, CC, Bcc, transfer, multimails, sent messages, recus, drafts
  • Information search: job announcements, student jobs, Google, orientation, rooms for rent, transport connections, various offers

Training in Office Automation

  • Microsoft Word/openoffice writer: make a resume with photo, write a cover letter for studies in Germany and make a student job application. The little tricks (tab, shift, CRTL C, CRTL V) will be explained.
  • Microsoft Excel/OpenOffice Calc: make calculations on spreadsheet, use formulas, produce graphs, write small programs of calculations perimeters and surfaces of the usual geometric figures (class of CM2)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint/OpenOffice impress: make a presentation approx. 10 pages of his study project (University, city, Federal State, University system, sector, faculty, apprehensions, motivations, justifications of choices, perspectives post-studies and future projects)