PREPA Germany is the program supported by our German partner the Hochschule Anhalt-University of technology ANHALT-through its preparatory school the Landesstudienkolleg Sachsen Anhalt in Köthen. It is divided into two sectors:

  • A TM (Technische und Medizinische Studiengänge): this sector prepares for studies in basic sciences, computer science, engineering, medicine and biomedical sciences.
  • A sector W (wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Studiengänge): this course prepares for studies in business schools and economics.


PREPA Germany consists of a preparation in two semesters of 18 weeks each and sanctioned by an end-of-class examination in August/September for the receipts of March and the month of February for the September receipts. Candidates can integrate the preparation programmes in Cameroon at any time. The weekly program contains thirty-five hours of courses (35h), which are as follows:

  For the W-sector

    • German: 25 h
    • Mathematics: 4 h
    • English: 2 h
    • Computer: 3 h
    • German culture: 1 h

For the TM sector

      • German: 25 h
      • Mathematics: 6 h
      • Computer: 3 h
      • German culture: 1 h

Conditions of admission in the PREPA Germany programme

The conditions of admission in the PREPA Germany programme as defined by our German partner are:

  • Hold a secondary school diploma or a Bachelor's degree from a public University
  • Being 30 years older at the beginning of the program

Selection tests for final admission in the preparatory class in Germany

The preparatory end-of-class examination in Cameroon is administered by the German partners in Cameroon in August/September for the March (summer semester) receipts and in February for the September (winter semester) receipts. Candidates will be examined in the following subjects:

    • German: level B1 German language exam, for all candidates
    • Mathematics: examination of the first and final scientific level for the TM and the raw and literary terminals for the W. the "weak" in math of the TM dies can at the same time compose the mathematical test of the W channel to re-orient itself in business school and economics.
    • Computer science: theoretical examination with successful completion of the practical work, for all candidates
    • German culture: German culture examination for all candidates.
  • English: English exam for candidates from the business school and Economics sector. The "weak" in math of the TM courses wishing to re-orient themselves in business school and economics will be obliged to compose this material.