Hello! It is not so much of me that I should be talking about, but especially about you. My desire to help you is born out of frustration of many parents and especially of students from families sometimes very modest who at times simply stopped dreaming. Not necessarily the dream of Europe, but the dream of seeing the child become a student give himself a real chance to have a training, an opportunity, a job, in short to fight in the course of the great, at least in the field of knowledge. Once the student has finished his studies here in Germany with good grades, nothing will prevent him from writing a thesis with the big fish in the academic world and/or in the industry. At least, that the studies do not stop in Cameroon in master/masters as for many.

Like many Cameroonian people living and working in Germany, we are frustrated to see the other nationalities arriving in large numbers and seeing the high number of visa refusals to Cameroonian. It is difficult to see up to 70% visa refusal for Cameroonian and only 6% visa refusal for Russians and less than 3% for Chinese.

A key challenge is to ensure your success in Germany. The language course alone is no longer enough. Our Bachelor’s degree is low and lost its value. It is sometimes even deliberating at 08/20. You have to add to your training a good command of mathematics, a thorough use of the computer tool and notions about German culture. That is why we have, in a close partnership contract with the preparatory school, the Landesstudienkolleg Sachsen Anhalt in Köthen. We administer their preparatory programme in Cameroon for two semesters and complete them with one or two semesters in Germany. This program is called is called PREPA Germany. Asians who follow these programs have a success rate of 76% in higher education in Germany and Cameroonian do not follow this program are only 32%. The preparatory programme aims to significantly improve the success rate of Cameroonian students, by a good orientation and above all by an upgrade in mathematics and computer science.

We say that there is room for everyone in Germany. For example, the smartest ones will study medicine, the means will be nursing, and the weaker are caregiver aides. These three branches need staff in Germany. Why wouldn’t they want it so Cameroonian? Visas refused for reasons number 3 (Studierfähigkeit) and number 4 (Ernsthaftigkeit der Studienabsicht), are the most common refusals in Cameroon. Inform yourself, prepare yourself and submit a visa application file that corresponds to your profile and your school and academic background.

Also be aware of one thing: it is extremely difficult to study abroad. We live with frustrations, suffering, misunderstanding, loneliness, working nights for studies on days, managing pressure, repairing mistakes, fear of failing, impatience to succeed or simply to finish and be able to work, to “get the head out of water “as they say. the whole thing is not to come, you have to prepare for the best to succeed in your studies.

Baudouin Tameze graduated from the Ecole Normale Superieure de Yaoundé in mathematics and doctor of statistics of Technical University of Dortmund in Germany. He works in the management of financial risks in the field of energy in the city of Frankfurt on hand and lives in Nidderau in Germany.