F.A. Q frequently asked questions

These questions come from discussions with the candidates on various topics, new questions will be added as they become more. The answers are valid only at this time, because many of them depend on the current legislation and the jurisprudence that is changing. They are based on our multiple and diverse experiences.

What does FSP Fach Deutsch mean and what importance to this review the FSP is the Feststellungsprüfung which is a multi-material examination that gives direct access to higher education in Germany. The German module is called FSP FACH Deutsch. This module has the same value as the TESTDAF and DSH. When you pass it you enter directly into the Faculty in Germany. No need to do language courses in Germany. Our partner, the Fachhochschule in Kiel, is administering the examination at ETALL Yaoundé as part of our cooperation. This is a level C1 examination, with the same degree of difficulty as the TESTDAF and the DSH.
Cameroonian people are not obliged to visit the preparatory class called Studienkolleg-why propose such a program?  We will summarize the answer in a few points.

  1. The reasons for refusal of visa Nr 3 and Nr 4 (see letter of refusal consular) are the most common. They are a mediocre school trip. The programme of preparation in Cameroon, defined by the German partner, aims at upgrading in two semesters the candidates all candidates, and in particular those with a medium or mediocre school course.
  2. The successful candidate will receive a definitive admission in the last preparatory semester in Germany and after this preparatory semester he will enter directly into the faculty. He has been declared fit by the Landesstudienkolleg and the diploma of completion obtained after exams made by our German partners in Cameroon will erase your bad school course.
  3. Asians who follow similar preparation programs have a University success rate of 76%, while Africans who do not have to do so, only succeed at 32%.

This preparation program aims to secure the issuance of student visas, a consequent orientation of the candidate, the improvement of the percentage of success of Cameroonian students in Germany.

Do candidates from prepa Germany have to do the final language exam of DSH or TestDAF before entering faculty? 

  • The last semester contains a German module whose final examination serves as sufficient proof of knowledge of the German language for higher education in Germany. So this module replaces the DSH and the TESTDAF.
  • In terms of time, the DSH or TestDAF require in Germany one to two semesters of language courses if not more. The prepa Germany programme requires only one semester of study in Germany.
How do you proceed with Visa files? 

  • The preparation of your student visa file in Cameroon (administrative procedures, consular etc…) is done by the Studienkolleg ETALL and sent to Germany. For this the candidate will give the necessary proxies.
  • The aim of the partnership is also to simplify consular procedures. Our German partners have been doing it for a long time for China, India, Vietnam, and we are happy that they agree to do so for Cameroon.
  • It is proposed and advised the candidate to make a preparatory year without worries or harassment of consular and administrative procedures. The candidate concentrates solely on his preparation (or even time use).
Do you accept any file?  We have three programs.

  1. The PREPA Germany programme whose access criteria, defined by our German partner, are a secondary school graduation and are under 30 years of age at the very beginning of the programme.
  2. The second programme concerns student files whose visas have been refused
  3. The last programme concerns graduates of State institutions of higher education.

If your application is part of these three programs, then we will retain it.

I would want to study medicine, pharmacy or dental surgery. Is this possible and how to proceed?

  1. It is possible and it is a little more complicated. You will take an inscription in a related sector and once on the field you will ask for a medicine
  2. It is selective, the scientific baccalaureate with good mention, a good note to the DSH or to the TestDAF and a "relative" young age increase your chances
  3. It also needs to seriously increase its chances, to ask for a place in each of the nearly thirty-six universities that offer medicine, pharmacy or dental surgery as a teaching and training pathway. For each application, you will have to pay the costs of processing your file, possibly directly at the University
I would like to study a program NC numerus clausus, how to proceed?

  1. NC programs are limited access programs. A chance for a foreign student lies in good grades in academic statements, a good note during language and apply for admission to several universities.
I would like to do classes but I am also a student in FAC, how to combine?

  1. Preparation is a central and fundamental element in the study project in Germany. If you decide after consultation with your family to study in Germany, put yourself thoroughly in the preparation programs, in computer training, mathematics and German culture courses, all offered to the Studienkolleg ETALL
  2. The language is so important that it is not something you can do next.
What is the difference between pre-registration and registration at a University?

  1. You can pre-enroll in several universities but you will only be able to register in one at a time
  2. The pre-registration simply reserves a place and proves that your educational profile and the chosen sector have been judged compatible by the University.
  3. Registration is the fact of having a number in a University. This includes payment of the regional/local transportation card called semester ticket, which allows you to move around the area surrounding this University without paying any further fees. You will only have the student residence permit with the right to the student job only after passing the DSH or the TestDAF or any other diploma recognized equivalent by your University in Germany, hence the necessity at all times to continue the language course at Cameroon, if possible until the day before your departure