You are shocked, frustrated, slaughtered, one to two years of effort, humiliation and suffering to wipe a visa refusal. There are ways of redress. Do not rush, take the time to fully understand the reason for this refusal. Visa refusals are mostly caused by “avoidable” errors. You can make a request. If you want to do it, you will have to document it, take the time to justify the facts. The visa is given to you on the facts and not on your tears or your entreaties.

  1. If you have opened a blocked account and have provided it, do not close it, do not repatriez your deposit yet.
  2. If you have a support, inform the signatory of the refusal and ask him to be ready to renew it.

Make the request or a new request?

Within a reasonable time you can submit a request. If you document it correctly, the re-examination of your file could result in a summons for a complementary interview. You can also apply for a new visa. Since the new visa provisions, it is better to satisfy them before resubmitting a visa application. Do not rush, make sure you have corrected all the possible reasons that would have caused the first refusal of visa.

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