Our partner: the Hochschule Anhalt

The Hochschule Anhalt-University of technology ANHALT-is through its preparatory school the Landesstudienkolleg Sachsen Anhalt in Köthen our German partner in the program of preparation for graduate studies in Germany. This partnership has two objectives:

    1. Getting more transparency in your visa application file studying visa refusal in Cameroon is essentially based on your inability to study or to finish your studies within the time limit. The semesters made in Cameroon and sanctioned by the selection test made by the German partners allow you to obtain a definitive admission in the preparatory class in Germany. This test is done in August/September for the March receipts ( summer semester) and in February for the September (winter semester) receipts
  1. Securing your student success in Germany indeed, the other nationalities (China, India, Vietnam…) whose students go through the preparatory class have a University success rate of 76%. Cameroonian students who enter the Faculty directly are only 32%. This also justifies the huge consular reluctance to deliver student visas to Cameroonian students. Cameroon has a refusal rate which varies between 53% and 80%. The preparatory semester will team you with knowledge, scientific vocabulary and necessary techniques of work and study in Germany.

On the site of Hochschulrektorkonferenz you will find the list of German University co-operations by clicking on international Kooperationen. Put Kamerun as country "Staat" and click on Mehr. You will see our preparatory school which is headquartered in Mbalngong by Mbankomo in the vicinity of Yaoundé.

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Cooperation Studienkolleg ETALL Cameroon and Landesstudienkolleg Sachsen Anhalt in Köthen Germany


The city of Köthen

Köthen is a town of about 30 000 inhabitants located 150km southwest of Berlin. The place is ideal to prepare University studies. The room costs 137 euros (approx. 90 000 FCFA) and the meal 1.50 euros (approx. 1000 FCFA). This city is also famous for being the place where Jean-Sebastien Bach has composed many famous works. Bach worked at Köthen from 1717 to 1723 as a chapel master for Prince Leopold of Anhalt-Köthen. Today, the city has a technological University.

The technological University of Anhalt

The presentation of the technological University of Anhalt is available at the following link: Anhalt College of technology. At the top left, you can choose to read the information in English (AN), French (FR), Russian (RU) or Chinese (CN).