The Studienkolleg ETALL offers intensive language courses in German through its language center. The courses are taught by experienced and seasoned teachers. The objective is to meet the language levels required by different universities and alternating training schools for different types of enrolment and training programmes. The costs of the German language course are:

  • Level A1:100 000 FCFA for 175 hours of course
  • Level A2:100 000 FCFA for 175 hours of course
  • Level B1:125 000 FCFA for 250 hours of course
  • Level B2:125 000 FCFA for 250 hours of course
  • Level C1:125 000 FCFA for 250 hours of course

The minimum level of language required for alternating training is the B2 level proved by the ETALL B2 certificate. The level of language required for a definitive admission to our four partner universities is the level C1 proved by the ETALL C1 certificate. In order to be admitted in General in all German universities, the test of TESTDAF must be passed. Examination of the TESTDAF may already be made after the B2 level has been completed. Ideally it is better to compose it by having completed level C1 or by being at level C1. The Studienkolleg ETALL uses the book series BEGEGNUNGEN etERKUNDUNGEN. These books are scientifically and didactically the best for the German course as a foreign language. In addition, it has a website that offers exercises of any kind online. Click Online Aufgaben Schubert-Verlag for an overview. The Studienkolleg ETALL is sponsored by the Verein Deutsche Sprache e.V., a recognized Association of public utility, which aims to defend and promote the German language as a language of independent and original culture.

  • The sponsorship letter in French is available here
  • The letter of sponsorship in German is available here

The EU, read "teaching unit" lasts forty-five minutes. The intensive German courses are five hours a day, five days a week. Levels A1 and A2 each last for seven weeks, levels B1, B2 and C1 last 10 weeks each, with an end-of-level examination for each level. Studienkolleg ETALL grants you diplomas to obtain definitive inscriptions at its partner universities in Germany.

German language course offer

The Studienkolleg ETALL offers an intentisive standard German course, an intensive German medical course for alternating training in nursing, medicine and biomedical pathways, and a technical German course for training in technical occupations.

The Studienkolleg ETALL accept external candidates. These external candidates who wish to continue their training in our structure must do a grading test.

To have current information on the beginning of the language courses of the new groups and the specific time use corresponding, contact the Studienkolleg ETALL by clicking here.