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Websites for studies

We recommend:

This site is the site par excellence of academic exchanges in Germany. This site contains a lot of information, but not all. There are schools and universities that are not represented there.

This site offers a certain alternative in relation to the first, so that you may eventually be able to cross-reference the information.

Websites for the student job

The sites for the student job offer jobs for students in general part-time. This goes from cleaning through work to the chain or in special cases to Office work, for those who already have good knowledge. The more interesting the German language can be the work offer. The sites we advise are:

This site offers student job offers for students. It allows to specify the geographical area or the work is searched.

Website for job student. An alternative that allows you to see a little bit what types of profiles are searched.

Another website as there are thousands in Germany, for the student job.

This site is an example of a University website that publishes jobs for students. Proof that you don't always have to go too far to find a job.

More information

Students have a student residence permit with the right to work 120 days a year or 240 half days. The working time on campus is not part of this countdown, and work related to his studies either. A full working day lasts 8h of time in Germany.