It is always sad to hear that families have spent seven million dollars a week, eleven million dollars, or six million people who have not been able to travel their child (s). For much less than these sums, you can thanks to our know-how and our experience not only frame your child’s project, but make it receive and support logistically in Germany until it can fly on its own. You entrust us with the preparation of his project and we will keep you informed of the evolution of the project.

Depending on the chosen visa program, the fee is divided into three main parts:

    1. The costs of opening the file
      1. In each case, such costs should be paid only after a favourable opinion of the


    1. . If your file is not promising, you will not be able to open a folder.
    1. Tuition fees for each teaching unit
    1. For any teaching unit, the cost is 500 FCFA.
    1. Visa file preparation fee
    These costs actually cover the work to be done upstream, in Cameroon and especially in Germany.

As far as the exact amount of these fees is concerned, bring you closer to our governing structures to have the current price grid.

So take a tie with PREPA Germany by clicking here.

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