The visa application is an extremely delicate issue. Inattentiveness can take months and months to work. There are, among other things, several conditions to fill and an interview to pass. Also, the German Embassy, for visas, requires applicants to leave their fingerprints. So it takes careful preparation, leaving nothing to chance. The visa is never refused without reasons, and the refusal may be disputed up to the Administrative Court in Berlin. However, the duty of objectivity and honesty imposes on the Studienkolleg ETALL to delay any application for a visa which is poorly tied, incomplete or which may not succeed and to present it only when it has reason to believe that it will succeed.

Student visa application criteria

The criteria to apply for a student visa available on the Internet: see visa for study Germany. Beside these criteria, a preparation for the interview is necessary to present optimally the project of studies and to motivate the reasons of the different choices in the project. A work upstream is done by our structure and an interview is simulated to optimize your preparation and thus avoid unpleasant surprises. The Studienkolleg ETALL does all the work in your place, but the interview you have to pass it yourself, we will prepare you for a long.

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