The Studienkolleg ETALL offers various Visa programs to help you go to study, train or specialize in Germany. We are frustrated to see 3% refusal of visas for Chinese, 6% Russians and up to 53% or even in some cases 70% for Cameroonian. Our work is simple: support you in the visa program that you have chosen depending on your profile and your school course and help you fulfill the optimal conditions of application of your type of visa.


The various Visa programs are:

    1. The undergraduate degree program PREPA Germany is the preparatory Progamme in cooperation with the Landesstudienkolleg Sachsen Anhalt in Köthen, which is the Preparatory School of the University of technology of Anhalt. Köthen is a small German town located 150km southwest of Berlin. This programme has two objectives:
        • Select students through tests carried out by the Germans in Cameroon
      • improve the success rate of Cameroonian students in Germany signficatively. Asians who follow these preparatory programs have a success rate of 76% and Cameroonian do not follow are only 32%. A good orientation and especially by an upgrade in mathematics and computer science are elements necessary for this success.
    2. The programme graduates from public institutions of higher education in the State of Cameroon. You can in Germany do continuation programs like master.
    1. The program studies in alternating training with salary during the training. This applies to trades, such as nursing or technical occupations. Several receipts per year and age limit 35 years
    1. The visa-registered nurses program of the State of Cameroon-this program concerns the graduates of the State of Cameroon wishing to work in Germany
    1. The specialization program in medicine with salary during specialization. This concerns the doctors graduating from Cameroonian or African public higher institutions, maximum age 32 years.
  1. Refugees ' visa files. The new legislation allows you to re-file your visa application taking into account the new immigration provisions and guidelines in Germany, but especially by correcting the errors that led to the first refusal.


We say that there is room for everyone in Germany. For example, the smartest will study the medicine, the means are nursing or technicians and the weakest will be caregiver. These various branches need staff in Germany. Why wouldn't they want it so Cameroonian? Visas refused for reasons number 3 (Studierfähigkeit) and number 4 (Ernsthaftigkeit der Studienabsicht), are the most common refusals in Cameroon. Inform yourself, prepare yourself and submit a visa application file that corresponds to your profile and your school and academic background.