This selection test carried out by our German partners allows the final admission to the preparatory class in Germany. Language exam level B1 for Bachelor and licensees. Additive mathematical test for Bachelors. NEXT RENTREES YAOUNDE “Mbalngong”
  • Level A1: a re-entry on 05 November 2018

DOUALA “Bonamoussadi”

  • Level A1: a re-entry on 05 November 2018


  • Level A1: a re-entry on 05 November 2018

Access to higher levels is done through grading tests for students who have already done intensive courses elsewhere or have extensive knowledge in the German language. No admission in a class more than 07 days after the beginning of the course. Registrations are made every day from Monday to Saturday.

Student visa program–PREPA Germany–

Nursing (classical and Geriatrics)

The brochure for the training of nursing in Germany is available here

Technical occupations (welding, electricity, Mecanic auto, Mecatronics, plumbing, Electrotechnics, technical drawing, steel processing, railroads,… )

Conditions of selection for nursing or technical occupations: to hold the baccalaureéat or equivalent diploma giving access to studies in State universities in Cameroon and be aged 18 to 35 years. The Chadian and Central African baccalaureate are accepted the preparation includes:

  • German course up to level B2 minimum, ideally finish the C1 and even compose the TESTDAF
  • Medical German course for nursing
  • Technical German courses for technical trades
  • German keyboard computer course
  • German culture seminar
  • Practical internship of at least one month in nursing in a medical structure or in a technical profession

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