The program FSP FACH DEUTSCH is the program supported by our German partner the Fachhochschule Kiel-University of applied sciences of Kiel-through its preparatory school la Studienkolleg an der Fachhochschule Kiel in the city of Kiel. The German partners of the University of applied sciences of Kiel will come to Cameroon twice a year administering the language exam FSP Fach Deutsch. This examination is equivalent to the DSH and the TestDAF in this sense that it allows to obtain also a definitive admission in German universities. The said language exam contains four modules:

  • Understanding read text (Lesenverstehen)
  • Grammatical structures (Grammatik)
  • Listen (Hören)
  • Write-writing (schreiben)

Conditions of admission in the preparation program FSP FACH DEUTSCH

The conditions of admission in the PREPA Germany programme as defined by our German partner are:

  • Hold a secondary school diploma or a Bachelor's degree or an academic degree
  • Being 30 years older at the beginning of the program for licences and 27 years for the Bachelor
  • Have a German language proficiency level B2 minimum

The cost of this examination is 100 000 FCFA (one hundred thousand CFA francs). This cost includes, the correction of the event, and the financing of the stay of the German examiners of the University partner who will come to this effect in Cameroon. The number of seats for this exam was stopped at 60. To take part in this exam, you will have to finish the level C1 ideally. Good candidates with level B2 will be able to compose. Those students who pass this exam will have a language diploma that will provide a definitive admission. With a definitive admission, not only do you have a direct admission to the Faculty in Germany with all the advantages of a student visa to your arrival in Germany but much more, you are very likely to see you assigned the visa student in Germany. Students with a definitive admission who have been refused in Yaoundé have all succeeded in the Administrative Court in Germany.